About us

Addiuva is the Latin word for ‘help.’ It reflects our purest essence: the essence of a company that crosses borders to support hundreds of local, regional, and international corporate clients in the most diverse markets. To do so, we provide attractive, efficient, and innovative added-value services through assistance programs designed to improve millions of people’s quality of life everywhere.

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The Greek Campus – Downtown – Cairo



Serving and helping is our way of collaborating to have a better world –and do we know how to do it! We stand by companies in all sectors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, supplying all the technological, logistical, and operational support they need to provide the best assistance services to their end clients.

Thanks to our wide network of providers throughout all regions of the world, we can offer hundreds of solutions that help to improve our corporate clients’ results and the quality of life of their clients.

Where we are

Our strong presence in Latin America allows us to have comprehensive service coverage in 22 countries in the region with office locations. Thanks to our technologies, we can open new operations anywhere in the world in record time. That is why is our slogan –it defines our DNA, since today we can reach people wherever they are, whenever needed, in an efficient, agile, and timely manner.

Get in touch at your preferred location.

“The team at Addiuva makes me feel confident and safe that our clients can count on useful, innovative assistance programs, as well as an efficient customer service experience delivered with high-quality standards.”

Carlos Vega

Massive Businesses Deputy Manager
SURA Chile

“Claro Puerto Rico has worked hand in hand with Addiuva group for over eleven years, as added-value services partner. This alliance has proved most positive, and it has allowed us to be with our users during difficult moments. They have provided services in extreme situations, such as Hurricane María. I am certain we will continue to create the best experiences for our users.”

Enrique Ortiz de Montellano.

President – CEO
Claro Puerto Rico


Nuevo Programa de Video – Asistencias.


ADDIUVA desde marzo 2020 cuenta dentro de su portafolio de servicios de asistencia, las video asistencia. Con nuestras plataformas tecnológicas propias, de manera segura y confidencial, se presta el servicio de algunas de nuestras asistencias por video permitiendo a los usuarios limitar su exposición al contacto físico y contar con un servicio que le permita tener un […]

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