Our brand

Our brand is flexible and dynamic; modern and kind; close, inventive, and technological.

Our slogan

Our tagline defines our brand’s DNA. Where we put people first: no matter where they are, we will always be there to solve their problems and needs with our network of providers, which can assist them efficiently.

Our logo

Our logo is composed of an upwards arrow, with a geo-localization icon in its central axis. It is a dynamic logo representing a corporate, technological brand.



Our brand colors are modern, lively, and bright, as they belong to the digital and technology world.

Pantone 2765 CMYK: 96/100/37/50 RGB: 30/16/65
Pantone 2726 CMYK: 79/69/0/0 RGB: 67/92/200
Pantone 266 CMYK: 59/78/0/0 RGB: 139/70/205
Pantone 252 CMYK: 23/71/0/0 RGB: 231/92/224
Pantone 134 CMYK: 0/21/66/0 RGB: 255/204/109

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